The Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara have been recognized as a service oriented law firm since its inception in 1992. In addition to putting our clients first, the law firm is deeply committed to the community it serves as evidenced by the many community activities and the firm’s active involvement throughout Northern California. Further, the firm was one of the first law firms in the Greater Santa Rosa Area to wholeheartedly reach out to the Hispanic community long before it became popular.

All of the attorneys in the firm have personal interaction with our clients. That provides the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping our clients and making a real difference in their lives. It is a great motivator to be seen within our community sponsoring events, volunteering in the schools, churches, and actively serving on community boards and organizations. The firm is also actively involved in putting on various free seminars and informational forums that disseminate valuable information to the community in both English and Spanish.

One of the driving philosophies of the law firm is to do our very best work for our clients by, “leaving no stone unturned”. The founding partner has always stated that nobody at this law firm should ever “rest upon his/her laurels”. The reason for this belief system is our law firm truly cares about its clients and this could be seen by the great results achieved for them. Further, this kind of dedication and devotion could be seen by the scope and quality of the community service performed for the people the law firm serves. “We are committed to the clients and we give every case everything we have.”-Michael A. Fiumara.

It cannot be stressed enough that, “Every client is a real person with a real problem.”-Founding Partner, Michael A. Fiumara. “Our philosophy is that when we take on a client we do everything in our power that we can for them, not just handle their case routinely or rotely.” For example, in handling a catastrophic injury case for a family, we did not only aggressively pursue the family’s personal injury case, but the firm worked diligently to prevent a disastrous bankruptcy and then worked tirelessly at the end of the case to reduce all the medical liens so that the client would end up with a much higher award in their pocket.

Making a difference in the lives of the firms’ clients is the driving force that makes all of our work efforts worthwhile-whether this means keeping a client from being charged by the district attorney’s office or preventing a client from going to prison. There should never be any question as to whether the client’s attorney will be there for them, or whether their attorney will return their phone call or keep them advised about their case. That is where we stand apart from other law firms. Not only do our clients know they are being zealously represented by some of the top lawyers in the field, but we approach each of their cases with a sense of urgency and compassion that makes us unique. “Justice with a passion,” is something that comes natural to us and in the end, “the right attorney makes all the difference”.