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Recently, our law firm was able to get a good settlement for a family whose mother was badly injured at a nursing home and eventually died from her injuries relating to her fall.  Despite the nursing home’s attempts to file bankruptcy, further complicating the case, we prevailed.

Oftentimes you hear the stories about nursing home neglect from the newspaper accounts but there is a lot of hidden horrors and tragedies that go unreported so families must become vigilant in keeping their elderly  family members and loved ones who are housed in these facilities protected.

We, as a law firm and as individuals, passionately believe that our most vulnerable citizens should never be exposed to any type of abuse whether it be of a physical, emotional, mental, financial or even sexual in nature.


Our law firm stands ready to utilize all of our cumulative and combined legal skills and experience to bring any nursing home abuse to the light of day. Through the civil law process  through litigation we bring the abuse to the attention of the public, but more importantly try to get the victims and their families well compensated for their pain and suffering or worse, loss.

Our law firm has over twenty-five years of experience in pursuing justice for those who have suffered injury and harm through the negligence and/or misconduct of third parties.  A seasoned trial attorney will prepare every single case as though it is going to trial so that every legal maneuver and option can become available for the benefit of the plaintiff client.  This careful approach also ensures that YOUR case is going to be thoroughly and meticulously handled up until there is a jury verdict, it that is what has to be done.

Through our law firm’s persistence, tenaciousness, and excellent legal skills we have obtained millions of dollars in rightful compensation for the people and victims we have served.  Please see our top results (Please click here).

Nursing home abuse comes in many different forms.  It can occur through physical abuse by staff and other third parties who have access to the facility.  The other form that is more difficult to prove is emotional or mental abuse that can occur in many different settings and in many different ways.

Therefore, it is very important for YOU to report any suspected behavioral changes in the behavioral pattern of those you love who are currently housed at an elder care facility or a nursing home.  Financial abuse and exploitation can be just as difficult to determine so it is incumbent upon the family to be vigilant.

If you suspect any financial exploitation, you can always make an appointment and speak with us free of charge.  Sexual abuse,  still a very taboo subject,  and in many cases an under-reported crime in nursing homes, is becoming much more talked about and investigated.

Again, it is up to YOU and family members to be on the lookout for any signs of physical or mental sexual abuse.

As a family member and perhaps in the capacity of the trustee for a relative or friend housed at a nursing home, YOU have a duty to detect nursing home abuse.  However, if you are not sure, please contact our office.

Neglect can consist of malnutrition, dehydration, and a lack of proper hygiene.  Bed sores or pressure ulcers are often a sign of neglect.  There are other means to determine neglect and they often arise with over-medication and even a lack of medication are considered a form of  elder and Nursing Home abuse.  The same is true as to the use of physical restraints used on residents which amounts to nothing less than “false imprisonment.”

Abuse can be suspected where a resident develops bruises, fractures, sprains or other unexplained physical injuries.  The same can be true  in cases where the elderly victim displays fear, agitation, depression or other emotional reactions relating to those who care for them at the nursing home.

nursing-home-abuse1 (1)

However, one needs to be careful because many of the ailments and/or diseases, i.e., Alzheimer’s, can lead to fits of rage or agitation.  Slapping, pinching, and other forms of force are types of abuse an elderly person may suffer at the hands of caretakers or even other nursing home residents who are being cared for in the same facility.

Sexual abuse as we stated above, a taboo subject, as it occurs in our jails and prisons, it occurs in nursing homes where residents are fragile,  and not able to defend themselves.  Financial abuse is often uncovered by reviewing  financial  and banking records and  or by noticing  unexpected or untimely changes in wills, trust documents and gift giving by the elderly resident of nursing homes.  All of these reasons should put you and your family on guard.

If you are not sure or you have questions about what constitutes Elder Abuse, or in this case, NURSING HOME ABUSE  we  encourage you to discuss your case with us at a free, confidential consultation—As we all know, nursing homes are required under the law to provide  a safe and caring environments for their residents, residents who as your family members have been good, law abiding citizens who you want to see get the very best treatment in the waning years of their lives.

When your loved ones fail to get the services and treatment that they need and deserve, you may have no other choice but to resort to legal action.

If you believe that any one of your family members has been abused, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.   Please do not hesitate to contact our law office to arrange to speak with one of our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys in either Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County, and/or our San Rafael office in Marin County that is also centrally and conveniently located with plenty of free parking.

Don’t hesitate if you have any doubt, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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