Be Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

By May 22, 2015Law Blog

Memorial Day weekend is here and many of you will be setting out to enjoy our state’s recreational possibilities. As a matter of fact, experts are predicting that close to 34 million people will be hitting the road over the long holiday weekend and traveling at least 50 miles from home. Whether you will be visiting family or enjoying other travel destinations, the California Highway Patrol urges everyone to think about safety when making plans for the upcoming holiday weekend.
All of us here at Fiumara & Milligan Law, PC want you to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, but we want you to do so responsibly.
We’re asking you to keep an eye on roadside construction work that may be going on along your planned trip, pay attention whenever you’re behind the wheel and make sure everyone is your vehicle is buckled in. If you’re going to be drinking during the weekend, make sure you’ve got yourself a designated driver.
There are things that you can do to help keep yourself safe during this busy travel weekend. Review the following and make sure you’re good to go before hitting the road for that much-needed vacation.
-Keep your vehicle properly maintained. You want to make sure that the fluids under the hood are full, the gas tank is topped off and your tires are ready for the haul. Make sure the air pressure is adequate and that the tread isn’t too worn.
-Make sure you get plenty of sleep before heading out. Avoid drowsy driving all the time, but especially when taking longer road trips. It’s also important to make sure your belly is full. You never want to drive on an empty stomach.
-Make sure you allow yourself with plenty of time to get to your destination to avoid rushing.
During the 2014 holiday weekend, there were close to 10 people and nearly 400 who were injured in 950 motor vehicle accidents. During this same time, there were close to 200 people arrested for driving under the influence. Don’t become a statistic. Drive safely and drive cautiously during this long weekend. Accidents are oftentimes the result of careless mistakes. Don’t let it happen to you.


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