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Community: Criminal Threats Arrest by the Santa Rosa Police. Criminal Threats Arrest /Case #16-3375

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THESE are the Typical kinds of criminal cases Fiumara Law , PC has been handling successfully for accused defendants for over 24 years since the Firm opened its doors in 1992:

422 PC Criminal Terrorist Threats
1203.2 PC Violation of Probation
25850(a) PC Possession of a Loaded Firearm in a vehicle

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On March 10th 2016, a Santa Rosa Police Officer was dispatched to contact a female victim who was reporting that her estranged husband was making criminal threats toward her. The suspect, identified as Brian Eduardo Munoz (21yrs), was sending multiple text messages to the victim indicating that he intended to harm her.

The victim was in fear for her safety. Munoz then sent the victim a series of texts and video messages in which he displayed a shotgun and ammunition. Munoz implied that he intended to shoot her with the shotgun in his possession.

During the course of the investigation, officers learned that Munoz was driving in his vehicle, searching for the victim. Through his messages, it was determined that he was attempting to find the victim at her residence and also her parents’ residence. Officers conducted an area check for Munoz and his vehicle. They eventually located Munoz’s vehicle parked in front of his residence in Santa Rosa.
Officers approached the vehicle and located a male sitting in the front passenger seat. That male was subsequently determined to be a relative of Munoz. As the officers detained that subject, Munoz suddenly appeared from inside of his residence and walked outside. He was safely taken into custody without incident. Officers located a shotgun inside of Munoz’s home that was believed to be the same one that he threatened the victim with.
Munoz was arrested and booked at the Sonoma County Jail on the following charges:
422 PC Criminal Terrorist Threats
1203.2 PC Violation of Probation
25850(a) PC Possession of a Loaded Firearm in a vehicle

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