Marin County Adult Offender Work Program Steps

If you have been sentenced to serve time in the Marin County jail and if the sentence is 29 days or less, you may satisfy that requirement by participating in the
Adult Offender Work Program (AOWP).

You must complete the following
BEFORE your remand date:

  1. Submit your application: Room 259, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. only
    • Bring your court order. If you don’t have it, you may obtain it in Room 113.
    • You must have a future court date for remand at the time you apply. If you have a mandatory time of 96 hours of custody, and the sentence is to be served in two segments, you must have both remand dates when you apply.
  2. Pay your fees (cash, credit card or money order)
    • There is a nonrefundable $75 fee for AOWP and the time of signup.
    • There is a $12 charge for each day that you serve on AOWP. You can arrange a payment plan for these fees.
  3. Orientation and availability
    • At the time of sign up, you will be given an AOWP orientation on the program rules. Read all these rules to ensure that you are able to meet and complete all requirements successfully.
    • You must be able to provide your availability to work for AOWP (Monday through Sunday), a minimum of one eight-hour day of work each week until the assignment is completed.
    • If you have a medical condition that will not allow you to work, or that restricts you to work under certain modifications, you will need to provide documentation. Most limitations can be accommodated.
  4. Court remand date
    • If you have completed steps one, two and three above, you will be booked and released when you return to court for your remand.
    • If you have not completed these steps, you will be remanded to serve the entire sentence.
    • If you fail to appear on your remand date, a bench warrant will be issued, and additional sanctions will be imposed.
  5. AOWP service and completion
    • The work assignment will start after your court remand or jail date. If that remand date changes, you must notify AOWP staff
      immediately. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary jail time or the issuance of a warrant.
    • You will be scheduled to work, and you must show up and complete the work days. If you do not, AOWP will terminate your case and the court will order that you complete the balance of your sentence in jail, and/or a bench warrant will be issued.

You will need to
notify AOWP if you change your mind and prefer to serve your sentence in custody. Or you can call Fiumara Law, PC at our
toll free number (855-247-3190) before you get remanded to jail. There may be other jail alternatives more suitable to your needs. Call today!

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