North Bay Product Liability Attorneys

We all buy, sell, and use products every day. We often forget that these products could possibly harm us.

It doesn’t matter if the product is used or a brand new, they can still be dangerous to you. When a product hurts you, you may be entitled to legal compensation. This is true even if the product is not used in the way it is intended, you may still recover for your losses.

When a defective product or unsafe product injures you or your family the manufacturer is strictly liable for your injuries. Get the compensation you deserve and force businesses to make safer products.

What is Products Liability Law?

Products liability is an area of law where retailers, manufacturers, designers, and others will be held responsible if the product hurts or injures you or your property. These entities will be held “strictly liable” for any harm they cause, meaning that they will have to compensate the injured person, regardless if they were at fault or not.

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Types of Product Defects

Here are some examples of the various types of product defects that can present themselves and cause serious harm to you and your family:

Manufacturing Defect: This means that the specific product made was defective. Similar products from this line may work perfectly, but not yours.

Design Defect: This is when the manufacturer’s entire line of products is defective. You probably hear about these types of defects all the time on the news. This is when a company announces to the public that they are doing a recall of one of their products because they are abnormally dangerous.

Warning Defect: This is when a product fails to adequately warn its consumers about the dangerous propensities of their product- Some examples are:

Automobile Defect

Drug Recalls

Food Recalls

Defective Household Products

Defective Medical Devices

Defective Medical Equipment

Unsafe Products

Critical Evidence

Evidence plays a critical role in a defective product case. It is where we focus our major efforts and resources, and how we prove and win the case for you. If you believe that you have been injured by a product because of defective design or an unsafe condition, we would urge you to keep the product in your possession if possible and contact us at once.

The firm’s product liability legal team acts early to gain access to the dangerous product and preserve the evidence to avoid the possibility of tampering.

Attorneys, paralegals, investigative engineers, industrial designers and experts use our secured evidence warehouse and industry intelligence to recreate accidents, and when appropriate, compare alternative designs and prove that manufacturers sometimes knowingly create unsafe products.

We never lose sight of the personal trauma suffered by our clients and make sure the jury does not either. Our commitment to clients is personal and complete.

Never Any Upfront Fees

The last thing on your mind should be for you to worry about additional expenses. That is why our law firm operates only on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay anything until we make a recovery for you. There is no risk for our help, so why delay any further? 

How Can Our Dangerous Product Lawyers Help?

The lawyers at The Law Offices Of Michael A. Fiumara are experienced and highly skilled in representing clients throughout the North Bay who have been seriously injured due to dangerous products. We have handled several products liability claims and have successfully recovered compensation for our client’s personal injuries.

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