California’s dense population and development makes it a hub for railroad carriers. With thousands of miles of track sprawling out in all directions, railroads and streets regularly intersect with one another. These intersections provide an increased danger to drivers on the roadways and accidents at railroad crossings and roadways. Accidents at railroad crossings are by far the most common type of railroad accidents. If you have been injured in a railroad accident of any kind, Fiumara Law, PC has the resources and more than 50 years of combined legal experience to help you achieve full and fair compensation for your personal injury claim.

There Are Different Types Of Train And Rail Accidents

Generally, railroad accidents are broken down into two types of accidents: Those involving a single freight or passenger train and those involving motor vehicles. Railroad accidents can occur solely as railcar accidents. These accidents oftentimes involve rail departures, equipment failures, and hazardous materials. For passenger railcars that are involved in these types of collisions or accidents, the results can be devastating and the injuries very severe.

Intersection Accidents

Accidents that occur at railroad intersections and crossings are the most common railroad accidents. With the disparity of size and weight between motor vehicles and trains, these accidents are often nothing short of disastrous often resulting in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Conductor error often accounts for some of these intersection accidents, but a fair percentage are also caused by malfunctioning traffic signals, obscured signs and other factors that need to be weighed very carefully.

The Fiumara Firm—Experienced Railroad Accident Attorneys

When it comes to railroad accidents, we use our knowledge and familiarity with the claim process along with our unique knowledge of the Federal Railroad Administration safety and health regulations to strongly build your case. We will do whatever it takes to win whether your case has to be resolved in a settlement, mediation, arbitration or requires an aggressive litigation team at trial. Please contact Fiumara Law, PC to discuss your railroad accident. Please contact us at either the Santa Rosa office at 707-387-0940 or our Palm Springs office at 415-234-0142.