Helpful Hints About Applying For Work Release

The Adult Offender Work Release Program is administered by the Sonoma County Probation Department. It has the duty and responsibility of screening candidates for this program. It is a privilege to perform work release instead of jail time;
it’s not a right. The department often tests applicants for drugs or alcohol. Please make sure to do everything you can to qualify and do not do things that could cause you to get denied.

Advice and suggestions:

  1. Do not go to your screening interview/assessment smelling of alcohol, having consumed alcohol the day of the interview, or with a hangover from the night before.
  2. If this is your second DUI, you were probably ordered as part of your probation not to drink alcohol at all. If your interviewer asks you if you have consumed alcohol since being placed on probation and you admit you have, even one beer, the department could deny you for not following your probation conditions.
  3. If you smoke marijuana and have a valid medical marijuana card, the program may still still accept you as a candidate. You
    must bring your valid card with you. If you deny you smoke marijuana and they test you and you are positive, they will deny you. The safest plan is for you
    NOT smoke marijuana at all. Or, do not smoke for several weeks before your intake appointment. If your intake appointment is scheduled right away and you fear you will test positive for marijuana or drugs but
    do not have a valid prescription, then
    contact our office about getting a continuance on your turn-in date for jail. This would be called a
    “modification of probation” and additional legal fees could apply.

In lieu of jail, allow our attorneys to negotiate a jail alternative that allows you to avoid jail and work for the county over a period of time that fits your schedule so you can continue to work, pay rent, pay your mortgage and take care of your family responsibilities.

If the court has referred you to work release:

  1. You have 10 working days, after sentencing, to contact the Sonoma County Work Release Program. We ask you that you
    do not call the day of your court appearance as they need time to receive the sentencing information.
  2. The Sonoma County Probation Department Adult Offender Work Release Program does not transfer cases to other counties or take cases from other counties.
  3. If you arrive at your appointment and you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, you will not be accepted on work release.

**This criteria is subject to change and is often modified, so speak with your attorney before you rely upon any of this information.

The eligibility criteria:

  1. You must be sentenced in Sonoma County, with a 90-day sentence or less.
  2. You must be physically and mentally able to perform work, and be willing to abide by the program rules.
  3. You must not have been arrested for any violent or firearms offenses.
  4. You must not have been arrested for a sex offense.
  5. You must not have arrests for battery against a peace officer.
  6. You must pay a $17 per day fee, plus a $68 administrative fee. Half of these fees are due the day of the interview. The fees are not refundable.
  7. If you have failed to complete a previous
    work release sentence, you may be reviewed for eligibility.

If you decide you do not want to participate in the work program, or if you are not accepted into the program, you are encouraged to call us at Fiumara Law, PC as we can file an appeal or a court modification, or we can assist you so that you may not have to serve any actual jail time.

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