$250,000.00 Taxi Cab Personal Injury Accident

Superior Court of California County of Sonoma–2017

Madriz, et al. v. Arshi, Yellow Cab et al.

Taxi Cab Accident


Judge Honorable Nancy C. Shaffer

Plaintiff Attorney(s)

Michael A. Fiumara, Fiumara Law, PC, Santa Rosa, CA

Johann Hall, Law Office of Johann Hall, Santa Rosa, CA;

Defense Attorney(s)

Brian J. Har, Law Office of Mark T. Lobre, San Francisco, CA

Facts & Allegations

This claim for personal injury damages was brought on behalf of Plaintiffs Madriz & girlfriend Ortiz from an early morning accident after exiting George’s Taxi and Yellow Cab in front of their home where they were told to disembark in the middle of the street.  Ms. Ortiz was struck by the open rear driver’s side door of the cab when the cab door then closed on her left ankle. The speeding car that traveled in the opposite direction after colliding with the cab’s door hit Mr. Madriz and ejected him into a nearby ditch along the side the road.


As a result of the accident, Mr. Madriz sustained leg fractures that required surgery and  he was hospitalized for over a week. Upon release, he was in a wheelchair for three months, used a cane for two months and required physical therapy. His girlfriend experienced substantial discomfort but with some rehab and exercise the pain dissipated.

Mr. Madriz was covered under Tricare through his military service, which paid over $90,000 toward his treatment.  This undercut what the carrier would be responsible for in the mediation and reduced his overall settlement. 


Mr. Madriz & Ms. Ortiz through their counsel at mediation, settled the claim for $250,000.00