Being charged with DUI is a frightening experience. For most people, a DUI is their one and only experience within a criminal justice system. DUIcharges can have lasting consequences if you do not take action to defend yourself. If you call us immediately after being arrested for DUI, we may also be able to fight the DMV suspension. This hearing is an added bonus to hiring our firm and is at no additional cost.

Not only will our attorneys advocate for you at the DMV hearing, but we can effectively defend against DUI charges.

Some common defense tactics can include challenging:

  • the traffic stop did the police have a lawful reason to pull you over?
  • the validity of the blood alcohol results was the Breathalyzer properly calibrated and maintained?
  • the officer’s training was the officer properly trained in field sobriety testing and operating the breath machine?
  • the timing of driving did your blood alcohol increase after you stopped driving?

Even if your case does not go all the way to a jury trial, there are ways to resolve the case in your favor.

Some of these resolutions can include:

  • pre-charging negotiations explaining your story to the prosecutor before they file charges
  • reduction of chargesfighting hard to make your mitigating circumstances known
  • alternatives to jail sentences keeping you out of custody so you can keep your job and support your family
  • minimizing consequences working hard to proactively address custody time, probation terms, licensing, and immigration consequences


In addition to driving under the influence offenses, we can also represent you in defending against any misdemeanor charges including but not limited to:

Domestic Violence, Battery, Drug Possession, Theft Offenses, Drunk in Public, Vandalism, Probation Violations


If you’ve been charged with a felony, whether low level, serious, or violent, you need an attorney who will aggressively advocate for your interests. Felony convictions can expose you to significant consequences, including jail time, state prison, or felony probation.

The attorneys in our office have experience handling all types of felony charges including but not limited to:

Assault/Battery Crimes Domestic Violence, Assault with Great Bodily Injury, or with Deadly Weapons

Theft-Related Crimes Burglary, Robbery, Grand Theft, Vehicle Theft, Embezzlement

Sex Crimes Rape, Sexual Assault, Child Pornography, Child Molestation, Statutory Rape, Prostitution

Homicide Crimes Manslaughter, Vehicular Manslaughter, and Murder

Others Gang Crimes, Weapons, Conspiracy, Accessory, Serious and Violent Crimes (Three Strikes)

Even if we were not your attorneys on the underlying charge, we can represent you on an alleged probation violation.


When your child is accused of a crime, you want an attorney who has the experience to understand the nuances of juvenile justice. Our attorneys are experienced and trained in handling all types of juvenile cases. We will walk you and your child through this scary experience. Don’t let an immature mistake affect your child’s future.

Immigration Consequences

We contract with immigration attorneys to provide important and specific immigration advice to our clientsincluding the effect of criminal charges on your visa, DACA, or green card holder status.

If you have a criminal conviction that is now interfering with your immigration status, we can help! Even if your case is several years old, if you were not properly advised of specific immigration consequences, you may have a remedy. Give us a call to talk about your options.


Background checks for employment, licensing, or adoptions can reveal a criminal record you may have forgotten about. Whether its recent or old, felonies or misdemeanors, we may be able assist you with clearing your record.