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182 Farmers Lane, Suite 100A Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Fiumara Law, P.C.

Serving the North Bay Since 1992

182 Farmers Lane, Suite 100A Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Call or Text for a Free Consultation (707) 571-8600


Not Guilty verdict after jury trial – Domestic Battery

Felony burglary, misdemeanor resisting arrest-diversion with dismissal DUI reduced to wet reckless-resulted in reduced license suspension, lesser fine, and no jail!

Felony Domestic Violence Arrest– discharged/dismissed

Probation violation Client facing 5 years 8 months in prison – given a second chance in an inpatient rehabilitation program

Felony Credit Card Fraud, Theft, and Burglary-charges reduced to only one misdemeanor

Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon-Not Guilty after Jury Trial

Felony false identification and identity theft charges – all felonies dismissed, client plead to one misdemeanor and did no jail time Felony “statutory rape” – charges reduced, no jail and no sex offender registration

Solicitation of a Prostitute – diversion and dismissal

Petty Theft – diversion and dismissal

Felony cannabis cultivation, possession of a firearm – home confinement

Driving without a valid license – reduced to infraction

Client with criminal history charged with resisting arrest, battery, and petty theft – dismissed after completion of mental health court

Juvenile charged with child pornography distribution felonies – record sealed upon successful deferred entry of judgment

3 separate probation violations for DUI – all VOPs dismissed

Felony Domestic Violence – Not Guilty Verdict after 7-day jury trial

Felony Evading a Police Officer – Reduced to misdemeanor

Felony Domestic Violence – Reduced to Simple Assault

Resisting Arrest, Drunk in Public, Dismissed and record expunged

DUI with injury – dismissed

Possession and Sale of Concentrated Cannabis felonies – reduced to misdemeanors

Felony Domestic Violence – Dismissed

Resisting Arrest, Drunk in Public, Violation of Noise Ordinance – Dismissed

Resisting Arrest, Drunk in Public – Dismissed

Resisting Arrest, Drunk in Public – Dismissed

Felony Domestic Violence – Dismissed

Resisting Arrest, Possession, and Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance (juvenile) – Dismissed

Solicitation of a Prostitute – Dismissed

Felony Assault with Great Bodily Injury and Public Intoxication – Dismissed


$10,646,446 Wrongful Death Jury Verdict

$5,268,000 CALTRANS Serious Auto Accident

$5,020,000 Child Molestation/Church Abuse

$450,000 Motor Vehicle-Tractor Trailer/ Fatality

$430,000 Auto Accident

$335,000 Pedestrian Accident

$274,000 Hit By A Company Utility Vehicle

$250,000 Taxi Cab Accident

$241,757 Explosion/Burns

$275,000 Nursing Home/Slip and Fall

$225,000 Truck Accident

$200,000 Motorcycle Accident

$200,000 Hostile Workplace Award

$162,000 Tourist Accident

$100,000 Rear End Accident

$95,602 Slip & Fall Accident

$85,000 Dump Truck/Auto Accident

$82,000 Slip and Fall at Major Grocery Chain Store

$80,000 Drunk Driver Accident

$75,000 Trip and Fall on Landlord Premises

$65,000 Simple Slip and Fall







$10,646,446 Wrongful Death Jury Verdict

$5,268,000 CALTRANS Serious Auto Accident

$5,020,000 Child Molestation/Church Abuse

$450,000 Motor Vehicle-Tractor Trailer/ Fatality

$430,000 Auto Accident

$241,757 Explosion/Burns












If you want a Warrior in your corner, Michael is the Man!
He and his team really care about their clients. The situation was bleak at first. The DA seemed to really have it out for us. Michael guided us through the maze. Thank You!

-Criminal Defense Client

The professional expertise given to my case by fiumara was fantastic and the results were all I could have hoped for. I am totally pleased with the outcome and highly recommend anyone needing an attorney contact Fiumara Law.

-Personal Injury Client

Mr. Fiumara is a gentleman and a highly ethical and knowledgeable attorney. He surpasses all expectations regarding compassion, client service, and ethical practices. I would recommend them to anyone in any legal trouble without a second thought. He is amazing!

-DUI Client

I couldn’t be happier or trust any other law firm and HIGHLY recommend Mr.Fiumara and his team to anyone!!! Their professionalism, legal expertise and results-driven tactics will provide you with the support and results you’re looking for.

-Education Law Client

There are no guarantees in life, but you want a fighter on your side when you are in trouble and the attorneys at this firm know how to battle and win. I proudly give 5 Stars PLUS!

-Criminal Defense Client

Thank you for the good work that you did for my son, (client)*. He is getting back on track now and planning his last semester at Georgia Tech. We were uncertain as to how this matter would be resolved, and not being present in court was a great concern to us as to how well (client)* would be defended. You delivered exactly the result that we needed and we are glad to close that chapter of our lives. Thank’s again and God Bless

- Thomas B. – Georgia, US

I have retained Michael Fiumara & his firm twice, my first experience; watching him in action was more than worth the price of admission. I liken his performance to watching Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi mind control the imperial storm troopers. He is an all-star talent, fighting the good fight, for the people in a justice system that is designed to crush all but the very wealthy. This is a lawyer you can trust; he is a man of principle, a man of honor.

- William M. – Santa Rosa, CA

Michael Fiumara and his team have been very helpful to us many times. He is very informative and gets the job done. We would highly recommend Michael for anything involving the public school system, which if it were not for Michael our son many not have graduated. He has also represented our son in other matters as well. We have the utmost confidence in Michael and his office to be extremely professional. We are so grateful to have him as our lawyer.

- Claudia S. – Santa Rosa, CA

Was not sure if your firm had seen this … I just wanted to say thank you again to EVERYONE that worked on this… He is doing great in his program and recently graduated his computer class HIGHER than anyone ever has out of this program. He was able to come home for Thanksgiving this past week…first one spent with him in 2 years, thanks to all of you. He sends his best to all and will stop by for a visit as soon as is allowed. Thank you again

- Client’s Mother

Dear Michael, I just wanted to write you this note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. If it wasn’t for you I’d probably be in Prison. This program has done so much for me. Next week I’ll have 9 months clean and sober. My life has completely changed, and if it wasn’t for your help it wouldn’t be like this. Thank you so much.

- Lori

I like to say thank you very much to you and your staff for all the great work you did for us in regard to the (confidential) letter. We for the first time have peace in the neighborhood… I will gladly use your services again. With great appreciation

- Mary




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