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When people are facing criminal charges, it can be difficult to make the right choices for your future. Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael A. Fiumara and his skilled team are here to help you.

Most people do not understand the process they will be going through. The most important decision that you need to get right is choosing an attorney who has the skill and experience needed to help you, along with the commitment to your case necessary to secure the best possible resolution. 

The attorneys of Fiumara Law, PC have decades of combined experience that they rely on as they construct effective case strategies for their clients. We know the impact criminal charges can have on people’s lives and we take all appropriate action to defend our clients’ rights and help them secure the best possible resolution.


Our firm offers skilled criminal defense for those facing all misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

Abalone Law
Assault and Battery
California Embezzlement Laws
Civil & Criminal Asset Forfeiture
Clear Warrant
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
DUI Defense
Furnishing Alcohol To A Minor
Gang Crimes
Grand Theft
Internet Crimes
Jail Alternatives
Juvenile Law
Medical Marijuana
Petty Theft
Probation Violations
Sex Crimes
Theft Crimes
Three Strikes
Violent Crimes
Weapon Crimes
White Collar Crimes

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Prop 47 FORMS

Click on links below for two new Sonoma County court forms that relate to Prop 47 relief.

FOR CLIENTS WHO ARE IN CUSTODY: There is a place on the form for that to be indicated. You automatically get a hearing 5 days after the petition is filed. That should permit the DA to get your file, review the requisite records and appear in court with a position re: the relief sought.

FOR CLIENTS WHO ARE OUT OF CUSTODY: Once a petition is filed with the court, it will be routed to the DA’s office, and the DA’s office will conduct a review. They will make a recommendation and route that back to the court. Depending on their answer: yes, no or maybe…things move differently.

If yes, the court will sign the order granting the relief.

If no, then we can review our own materials and decide whether we want to ask for a review of that determination (i.e. value taken issues or challenging priors).

If maybe, then the court will set a hearing re: future dangerousness, valuation of loss, etc.