Santa Rosa Robbery Attorney

Charged with robbery in The North Bay?

If you are facing charges of robbery and are not successfully defended, it will mean many years in state prison. Incarceration is only one part of the penalties that will be imposed in a conviction. Robbery is a violent crime and as such, is heavily punished.

Our Santa Rosa robbery lawyers have extensive experience in criminal defense and a proven record of success. A defense attorney from our firm will be experienced, honest, and can be trusted to aggressively protect you and your rights at every point in the process.

Our firm has been recognized throughout the state as a prominent legal firm that has achieved extraordinary successes at trial.

Degrees of Robbery Charges in California

Commonly, robbery charges will be filed as a second degree felony. If it is alleged that you were carrying a weapon, or tried to threaten or inflict bodily harm upon another, you could face up to 8 years in state prison if convicted. Charges of aggravated robbery will be filed when the following elements are believed to be present in a robbery case:

A deadly weapon was brandished, used, or it was indicated that a weapon was present;

There was the use of explosives or other similar weapons in the commission of the crime;

There was an attempt to inflict serious bodily harm upon another person in the commission of the robbery.

If any of these actions are alleged to have taken place, the charges will be filed as a first degree felony, with a penalty of up to 10 years in state prison, and up to $20,000 in fines. Our experience at trial and our record of prevailing in difficult criminal cases could be the advantage you need to avoid conviction.

Call us now for assistance. We know criminal defense, and should get involved in your case as early as possible in a case involving robbery charges. Our Santa Rosa robbery defense attorney is prepared to help you fight back. Contact us today.