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Fiumara Law, PC represents criminal defendants in all areas, including defense against gang crimes, in Santa Rosa, California, and the entire North Bay since 1992. As a gang crime defense lawyer, we have achieved positive results for many defendants charged with gang-related crimes, and we will fight for your rights. The Sonoma County Gang Task Force in particular has been known to target “certain neighborhoods” and is quick to detain and arrest for gang-related crimes. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office is also quick to charge defendants with gang crimes and enhancements.

California Gang Laws

California gang laws are becoming harsher every year. California Penal Code section 186.22 defines California gang crimes. Its terms are broad, and law enforcement uses that to its advantage to arrest and prosecute everyone they can. Some gang crimes are easy to identify, like graffiti or a gang fight, and a person can be charged as a gang member for participating in such a crime. But the California gang laws allow any person who commits a crime for the benefit of a gang, such as assisting a gang member in a crime or helping a gang member get away with a crime or flee the scene to be charged just like a gang member. That means even if you are not a gang member, you can be punished under certain circumstances.

California felony gang sentencing enhancements often have drastic effects and consequences on the severity of punishment. This allows some misdemeanors to be elevated to felonies, and up to 10 years additional prison time for other felony convictions. But the punishment does not end here. Anyone convicted of gang-related crimes will have to register as a gang member with local law enforcement and report to law enforcement at certain time intervals or risk a violation of probation and serve more jail time. Gang registration is draconian and onerous just like sex registration.

Santa Rosa Gang Defense Attorney

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