$95, 602.00 Slip & Fall

Slip & Fall/ Premises Liability

SETTLEMENT: $95, 602.00

Sonoma County Superior Court (settlement outside of Court)

Plaintiff Attorney(s)

Michael A. Fiumara, Fiumara Law, PC, Santa Rosa, CA

Johann Hall, Law Office of Johann Hall, Santa Rosa, CA

Defense Attorney(s)

Nationwide Insurance

Facts & Allegations

Plaintiff was at a homeowner’s property caring for a dog while its owners were away. While walking the dog on the property Plaintiff tripped and fell when she caught her toes on an uneven sidewalk. Plaintiff fell forcibly onto the cement, her hands first hitting the ground and consequently her face struck the cement and broke her glasses. 


Plaintiff suffered injuries and bruising to her hands and face. She suffered pain, discomfort and experienced a prolonged period of sleeplessness due to her pain.  The 78-year-old plaintiff also experienced weakness in her left arm and received physical therapy over the course of many months.  


Plaintiff through her counsel settled the claim for $95, 602.00.  Trial, mediation and other costs were avoided since the case settled relatively quickly.  Hence, injured plaintiff retained most of the proceeds from the settlement.