$85,0000.00 Dump Truck/ Automobile Accident

Dump Truck Automobile Accident


Napa County, CA

Plaintiff Attorney(s)

Michael A. Fiumara, Fiumara Law, PC, Santa Rosa, CA

Johann Hall, Law Office of Johann Hall, Santa Rosa, CA;

Facts & Allegations

This case involved an overweighed dump/gravel truck that was unable to adequately slow down a steep incline on Calistoga Road due to brake failure. The overweight truck careened down the hill at a rapid rate of speed and impacted the Plaintiff’s truck. Due to the impact Plaintiff suffered a major concussion, pain and injury to his neck, back and stomach.  After medical treatment and physical therapy, Plaintiff through his counsel settled the claim for $85,000.00.


There was inadequate insurance and all the parties negotiated $85,000 for the injured plaintiff.