If you or your children are thinking of taking a nice relaxing swim in a pool, lake, country club or wherever, be alert and take some preventative steps–
Tips To Avoid Drowning Accidents And Pool Injuries:
The swimming pool can be dangerous so please take these precautionary steps for any homeowner, summer camp operator, or pool business owner to increase water safety:

1. Always be on the lookout for children in or around the pool area.
2. Never leave a child unattended in a pool or spa, including by never letting a child have unsupervised access to a pool.
3. Teach children basic water safety.
4. Avoid “entrapment” by teaching children not to play with pool drains, pipes, and other openings.
5. Have a cell phone close by at all times when you or your family is using a pool or spa.
6. If you child is missing, look for them in the pool or spa first.
7. Share pool safety instructions with all family, friends, and neighbors.
8. Learn how to swim and teach your children to swim.
9. Learn how to perform CPR on children and adults and update regularly.
10. Install a minimum four-foot-high fence (higher if required by local ordinance) around the perimeter of the pool and spa and use self-closing and self-latching gates to keep children, teenagers and trespassers out. A camera surveillance system is an idea too.
11. If your house serves as part of the barrier or fence around a pool, install a pool alarm and use it at all times.
12. Make sure your pool or spa has drain covers.
13. Have lifesaving equipment such as life rings or floats available for use.
14. Make sure all water is clear and not cloudy.
15. If a child or adult has long hair, advise them to wear a bathing cap or take precautions so as to avoid being sucked into underwater intakes or drains.
Unfortunately when precautions are not taken, serious injuries and accidents can occur. If that ever should happen, and you have a question, merely pick up the phone anytime and call us for a free and confidential consultation at: (855) 247-3190.