Due to wet surfaces, proximity to other passengers, easily overlooked safety concerns, and many other factors, it is very possible to suffer an injury while traveling on a cruise liner.

When someone does, they may find that pursing compensation is impeded by a number of different obstacles, including liability restrictions, jurisdiction limitations, and maritime law considerations.

If you have been hurt on a cruise, then the time to seek proper legal counsel is now.

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Legal action is within your reach.


Cruise ship injuries are not like usual premises liability, or “slip and fall” cases. Because they take place at sea—and that many cruise liner operators anticipate possible passenger injury—there are different factors to consider when an injury occurs.

If you have been hurt on a cruise, you should consider the following:

Your ticket. It is considered a contract with the cruise operator and usually limits their liability in the case of an accident. It will likely detail other agreements, like the statute of limitations to file an injury claim and where they should be filed.

Cruise ships are “common carriers.” This means they must adhere to stringent safety standards.

Maritime law applies. That means common carriers must show “due care” to ship conditions relevant to passenger safety.  This applies to ferries and other small craft that transports passengers.

Injury caused by ship employees. These injuries commonly hold the cruise operator liable and not the individual worker. Some exceptions, like the cruise medical staff, may apply.

While these additional considerations can be complex and intimidating, they can be handled properly by an experienced and proven cruise ship accident attorney. One way in which these cases do not differ from other personal injury cases: negligence must be sought out, emphatically put forth, and proven in court.

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