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Trains, Buses, Taxis, Trolleys, and Public Transit Accidents

Each year thousands of people are seriously injured by or on public transportation including but not limited to trains and buses which are also known as common carriers.  Common carriers are companies or systems that carry passengers as part of a business operation open to the public.  There are many different modes of transportation in the North Bay and the San Francisco Bay area in general that qualify as common carriers.

Some common carrier modes of transportation include: 

Trains:  Trains, whether freight, passenger or otherwise, BART, Caltrains, and other intercity and those that serve the suburban areas of the East Bay, North Bay, and South Bay all qualify as common carriers where the operator has the highest duty of care to prevent injury to your person and property.

Buses:  Buses include interstate bus lines, intrastate, and those that serve MUNI, SamTrans, Golden Gate Transit, Greyhound, casino buses, and shuttles including and those traveling to the airport and AC Transit.


  • Airport shuttles including Super Shuttle and airport vehicles.
  • Any sightseeing trolleys, boats, and buses.
  • Cable cars, either the historic ones in San Francisco or the roadway type which are replica cable cars such as the Duck in San Francisco and Rosie in the City of Santa Rosa.
  • Trains, including BART, Caltrains, and MUNI.
  • Taxis, whether DeSoto, Yellow, Green, et. al.
  • Ferries—These includes the Blue and Gold Fleet and other ferry services including Golden Gate Ferry that transport passengers to and from Bay area ports and docks or ferries that serve the lake communities and more remote parts of Sonoma, Marin, Napa, and Lake Counties, in particular.


  • That vehicles and compartments are not overcrowded.
  • A seat must be provided for every passenger except for municipal buses.
  • Extra help and accommodations must be made to seat the elderly and disabled passengers.
  • Equipment needs to be maintained in excellent working condition.
  • Vehicles and safety equipment must be free of debris.
  • Vehicles should not start and stop abruptly.
  • Vehicles must not be driven erratically.
  • Passengers must not be discharged in an unsafe place, manner or location.
  • Regular schedules need to be adhered to as closely as possible.
  • Baggage is not to be damaged.


The most common causes for broken bones including arms, wrists, legs, and hips is when a common carrier such as either a  BART train, MUNI, Caltrains, trolleys or a cable cars performs its emergency braking maneuvers and throws passengers to the floor.  Other injuries could be more life threatening depending upon the age and health of the affected passenger.

The experienced and highly skilled personal injury accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara hire top-notch investigators and experts to evaluate and determine the amount of fault and compensation in each case.  Our experts and experienced consultants will get to the root cause of the failing braking mechanism to properly apportion fault where it belongs so that you can concentrate on getting well and your full recovery.  Leave the fight to us to deal with the common carrier and the public transportation lawyers and government officials. Our computer models and high technology ability enables us to recreate the public transportation accident for a better understanding of the dynamic to ensure that the jury awards the highest possible judgment in your favor.


Since most common carriers are governmental entities, instead of a two year statute of limitations for most other personal injury accident cases, here, unfortunately, the statute of limitations can be severely limited in which to file a claim against a government entity for injury, medical treatment and damages including pain and suffering.

Oftentimes an injured plaintiff may only have six months to file a claim against the appropriate entity or entities to recover their full damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and wage loss.  This additional filing or barrier under the Government Tort Claims Act can be detrimental to your case. Please do not let any shortened statute of limitations expire on your case or you will have no recourse to file a legitimate claim against the liable common carrier.


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